Thursday, October 21, 2010


For among philatelist have rare stamps is very lucky. Stamps is very limited edition or very old stamps or has or stamps have disability or not intact in terms of print.rare stamps such as the highly profitable.Such stamps have a value and price is increasingly expensive.

Recent years many stamps that do not appear as postage stamps intact without par, without writing postage stamps issued from any country. A stamp dealer said that he had accepted the offer of such stamps at a price mahal.tapi according to an expert philatelists, stamp is not genuine, which means the time stamp is printed or written the nominal value of the country where published. So with the technological sophistication modren face value of stamps that can be removed by using chemical substances.

Postage stamps writings differ deleted aslinya.penghapusan inscription on the stamp is a fraud, then that's what should be - careful if you want to buy stamps that are categorized as expensive.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Filateli is a hobby for collecting stamps,souvenir sheet,postcard,booklet,first day cover and another items filateli or related with item post.Filateli is a nice hobby, from small paper that we called stamp we can know history about another country, example in Indonesia so many period from independent Nederland Indie,independent japan till dependent day Indonesia till know.From stamp we also know art,culture or flora fauna in every country.Not only that, from stamp also record any special events as international exhibition filateli,OPEC,Declaration of Bandung 1955 etc.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Indonesia Souvenir sheet celebrated Nederlands Exhibition in Den Haag.

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